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Soft Panel (insert) NIJ-STD-Level IIIA 內蕊

Soft Panel (insert) NIJ-STD-Level IIIA 內蕊

1. Standard NIJ IIIA

2. Material: UHMWPE

3. Size: thickness 8mm; width 250mm; height 300mm

4. Weight: 0.7±0.1kg


★ If you would like to place overseas order or customized product, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll help you to finish the order. ★


1.防彈等級:NIJ IIIA(單片)


3.尺寸:厚度8mm 寬度250mm 高度300mm


★ 此商品為客製化服務,來電(信)後專員將為您受理訂單報價及出貨,感謝您 ★

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